Finding the right location

When your chain is ready for additional units, you need to find new business locations. The correct location can be crucial for the unit’s survival.

We at Franchise Connection have many years of experience in establishment on the Nordic market and thus have a great knowledge of the local market structure and design. This will minimize the risk for establishment on the wrong business position. We assist in the whole process, from finding a number of different proposals of new locations until a contract is signed, irrespective of whether it is completely new or a re-construction.

Through the years we have gathered a strong network of contacts with the leading players in the property sector.

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Franchise Recruitment

Franchise connection has long experience of to find, attract and distinguish the personalities suitable for franchisees and master franchisees.

Recruitment is based on knowledge, experience, methodology and commitment. Franchise Connection uses a quality assured recruitment process, a large network, experienced partners and a comprehensive advertising package in order to find the right candidates for your business.

We will also ensure that all applicants have a good experience of the recruitment process.
To recruit franchisees is for the vast majority of franchise chains as much about the sales of a business concept as distinguishing and assessment.

We can help you to recruit within the following groups:

  • Master Franchise
  • Franchisees
  • Staff

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Franchise agreements

The franchise agreement regulates the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisees.
The contract shall contain a clear statement of both parties rights and obligations. The agreement shall also regulate the responsibility and cooperation as well as the way in which the franchise company should be run.

The agreement may also contain rules for the geographical area of the contract, the price for the right and if the franchisee in the initial stage, have the possibility to negotiate with another franchisor simultaneously.

The franchise relationship should be on a win-win concept, so it is required to create a balanced franchise agreement. We represent a view of ethically sustainable franchising and this requires that the agreement is balanced for the benefit of both parties.

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A manual is one of the most important tools to ensure that all of the units in a chain deliver what the concept promise, it is a legal part and is a part of the franchise agreement.

The manual should include the concept description and communicate what the brand stand for, it should also include instructions on how the daily work is to be performed and various types of check lists.

We are here to help you develop a Manual, which is adapted to your franchise concept regardless of where in the process you are.

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We can help you with the manual.
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A franchise system is based on a concept which is common to everyone the chain. For everyone to have knowledge of the components such as the business concept, values, customer benefit and so on; the franchisor must provide training. This training is primarily a training in the specific areas (production, working methods, shop work, service, sales), but also, more general parts of the economy and business acumen are important elements.

As the franchisor, it is important to have a basic training for new franchisees to facilitate the start up, but also to ensure that the new unit will be operated in accordance with the concept that the franchise refers. The franchisee ‘ s employees also need introductory training in order to be able to carry out its part of the work in a proper way. The training program must be maintained end kept current and adapted to the development of the concept. We will help you lay the foundation for your training programs. We then help you to keep your training programs updated and tailored to your concept.

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Quality Assurance

In order to ensure a franchise chain over time it is required to work with quality assurance. Quality assurance also becomes a tool for developing the chain and accompany the changes taking place in the market.

For both parts sake in a franchise system, the best way is to use a structured method to measure and implement quality assurance To carry out continuous measurements and work structured with these, leading the chain and all those who work in it forward. Measurements are made not only for the franchisor to be able to ensure the compliance from his point of view but as much to the individual franchisees to feel confident that colleagues manages the concept in a proper manner.

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We tailor, from our client’s needs a financial solutions that is unique to each company, large or small and regardless of the form of the company.

Indoor accounting

We perform services such as; accounting, final accounts, annual reports, company declarations, tax declarations etcetera, inside our office. Our clients themselves deliver their material.


This service means that our client is outsourcing all or part of the finance department. We are working at the clients premises and can take care of everything from current administration such as accounting, payment and payroll administration, accounts, reporting etcetera, according to the needs the client has.


This service means a consultant is stationed at the client premises on either a short or long mission. The tasks are tailored according to the needs of the client.

All segments above can and should be combined with advice. Advice in itself can also be disconnected and act as a standalone segment for clients that are not in need of our other services.

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Interior Design

We design and develop products interior concepts and environments which strengthens our customer identity and increase their business. With the help of a thorough analysis of the needs of our customers we deliver turnkey solutions from idea to finished product with quality assurance in all stages.

We combine the best bits in the industrial design and interior design. We let them complement each other. There is also the excellence in industrial design, interior design, graphic design and project management. First a need is identified. Then we quality assure at all stages and assures us that we are on the right track. Parameters like budget, project management and timetables are just as important as the actual design itself.

For several years we have developed a wide network of producers, contractors, wholesalers and agencies. This gives us great flexibility. And we are constantly nit – only the best may accede to this network. The system allows the customer to receive a tailored team that solves all problems on the way, but only one mobile phone number to keep track of. A project manager is responsible for all the coordination, from idea to fully finished product.

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Graphic Design

In order to succeed in franchising a well thought out creative concept and the trademarks visual expression is a basic pillar.

We help both small local and large multinational companies to express themselves visually in design projects and with their brand. We are accustomed to work directly with the management and owners where we develop, conceptualize and visualize the brand in the form and colour, as well as building a sustainable strategy for how it is to be packaged to meet your business objectives.

We are specialists in the field of:

  • Graphical Profile: Brand, logo, Identity & Design
  • Graphical Interior: The application of the trade mark in the environment

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In order to reach out with your concept message, both internally and externally, the communication, i.E. The marketing is one of the most important tools you have. A really successful campaign can help your business grow significantly.

We do everything from traditional marketing, consumer advertising, b2b, internal business campaigns, events, kick-offs and clean design projects. The common denominator in all missions we take on is communication created to arouse interest, regardless of the substance.

We work in the following areas:

  • Webb
  • Web
  • Campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Kick-off
  • Events
  • Active Promotion

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Profile clothing

We create custom designed profile clothes and working clothes to the industry in the nordic countries. The characteristic features of our collections are an innovative combination of form and function.

Our textile production plants in Europe has solid experience and manufactures for well known brands in both fashion and work wear including Hugo Boss, Tommy Hillfiger, Mexx, St Oliver, Zara, Uvex and Delta Plus. With the help of a good network, good contacts and strong owner has in a short space of time, we built a successful company within the area professional clothing. A large number of companies and organizations have realized the advantages of clothing that makes you feel comfortable and look good at work. Today we export to many countries in Europe.

Thanks to that all the production takes place in Europe we have good control over the entire value chain from idea to delivered product.

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